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Membership in the Texas Senior Pro Rodeo Association (TSPRA) is open to anyone who is or will become 40 years of age or older during the membership year.


Membership dues are $95 for contestants and $35 for non-contestants who support senior rodeos and want to stay involved. 

Dues apply for a calendar year (January through December), and 2023 dues are now due. 


With over 300 members, TSPRA now includes competitors from New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana, as well. In other words, the rodeos are held in Texas, but anyone 40 or over is deemed mature enough to join and compete!  Take a moment to visit all of our pages...check out our photos of real members... and see how much fun we have...

 Gold Card Membership

On an annual basis, the TSPRA Board of Directors award Gold Card Memberships to all current (2023) members turning 75 years young in the new Season (2023).


Currently, TSPRA rodeos include the following events with associated cost:


Barrels                                    $45

40+ Breakaway                      $65

50+ Breakaway                      $65


60+ Breakaway                      $65

70+ Breakaway/2 head           $90 

80+ Breakaway/2 head         $90 


Ladies Breakaway/2 head    $90

40+ Ribbon Roping               $90/team

40+ Tiedown

2 head $150; 1 Head $85

50+ Tiedown

2 head$150; 1 Head $85


60+ Tiedown

2 head $150; 1 Head $85

65+ Tiedown

 2 head $150; 1 Head $85

70+ Tiedown 1 Head $55

75+ Tiedown 1 Head $55

40-59 Team Roping              $150/man

                                                    per day

60+ Team Roping                  $120/man

                                                    per day

70+ Team Roping                  $75/man

Rodeo Office Charge            $25

***2 Head Rodeos differ each weekend***



$2 of each entry fee at EVERY rodeo will be set aside for added money in that event at the 2023 TSPRA FINALS!


Saturday Rodeo

Ladies Barrels

Breakaway Roping (all ages)

Ribbon Roping

Tiedown Roping (all ages)

Team Roping

Sunday Rodeo

Ladies Barrels

Team Roping (all ages)

Breakaway Roping (all ages)

Ribbon Roping

Tiedown Roping (all ages)


Each event with less than an average of eight contestants by the end of June will be evaluated by the executive board to determine the prize line for that rodeo year.


Draw Out Rule

Draw out time for a contestant is 48-hours prior to rodeo.  If a contestant does not draw-out 48-hours prior to rodeo, their stock/run will be drawn.  The contestant will be fined the $25.00 office charge plus $25.00 per event/per horse/per entry after the 48 hour window.  No penalty will be assessed if contestant notifies Rodeo Secretary within the 48 hour window.




70s barrels age group has been added.  Barrels now consist of 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s

TSPRA barrels use a 4-D format for entry and pay-out, however TSPRA points will be kept by age group for 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s.

Postions or order of riders and all horses will be entered and drawn from the computer drawn random draw.

Barrel racers may enter up to 3 horses.  Designation of point and non-point horse(s) is no longer required when entering.  Point horse is identified by rider name only.  Non-point horse(s) will be identified by rider name (NPH).  All runs will be eligible for jackpot money.

Drag will occur after every five numbers as shown on program/secretary books.


Team Roping for 40-59 and 60-69 is enter one draw 2 or enter open draw all 3.  Total of 3 one head rodeo runs.  70+ is enter 1 draw 1 or enter open.  Total of 2 one head rodeo runs.  It is computer drawn.

Teams must be confirmed on the Saturday of the rodeo by 1:30pm to the rodeo secretary, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Team roping will not start before 4:00pm on Saturday, and will follow immediately after the ladies barrels on Sunday, which begins at 9:00am.

40+ lady team ropers may also compete in the 60+ age group but not in the 70+ age group.

Courtesy Runs - For courtesy runs, Courtesy Roper (if placing in the money) will receive half the winnings and the other half will go into the finals added money for that age group. NO OPTION.

At the Finals only, Courtesy runs, if placing, will receive all monies won.


PAY OUT - 2023

Tiedown, Breakaway

and Ribbon Roping

    Contestants            Pays

    1 to  4                         1 

    5 to 8                          2

    9 to 12                        3

    13 to 16                      4

    17 to 20                      5

    21 +                             6

Team Roping 40-59:

1 – 14 Teams - 1 money 100%

15-29 Teams - 2 monies 60/40

30-44 Teams - 3 monies 50/30/20

45-59 Teams-4 monies 40/30/20/10

60 + Teams - 5 monies 30/25/20/15/10

Team Roping 60-60:

1-12 Teams - 1 money 100%

13-25 Teams - 2 monies 60/40

26-38 Teams - 3 monies 50/30/20

39-51 Teams-4 monies 40/30/20/10

52 + Teams-5 monies 30/25/20/15/10

Team Roping 70+:

1-6 Teams - 1 money 100%

7-12 Teams - 2 monies 60/40

13-18 Teams - 3 monies 50/30/20

19-24 Teams-4 monies 40/30/20/10

25 + Teams-5 monies 30/25/20/15/10

**Payout Dollars will change based on number of Courtesies placing 

70,75 Tiedown

and Breakaway

     Contestants            Pays

     1 to 3                          1

     4 to 6                          2

     7 to 10                        3

     11 to 15                      4

     16 to 20                      5

     21 +                             6











BOOKS for all TSPRA rodeos open the MONDAY prior from 6-9 p.m. at 254.223.2290, or you can enter by sending an email before 9 p.m. on Monday to


To Draw out without a fine, you must call the secretary 48hrs prior to the rodeo.


Non Member Permit Fee $15 plus entry fees and office charge. 

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