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First Rodeo Average Buckle Sponsors:

            Bill Schroeder

            Dave & Debbie Laster

            Bill & Beverly Shoaf

            Pud Owens Realty


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Hamilton Average Buckle winners
40 Barrels:             Shayna Gattis

50 Barrels:             Tracy Love

60 Barrels:             Billie Reeves

70 Barrels:             Willie Little

40 Team Roping:    Header - Casey Gattis

                     Heeler - Seth Smithson

60 Team Roping:    Header - John Rosanky

                      Heeler - Brad Thurman

70 Team Roping:    Header - James Lee

                     Heeler - Tommy Smithson

80 Breakaway:        Sonny Owen

70 Breakaway:        Robert Blandford

60 Breakaway:        Sam Thornton

50 Breakaway:        Kinley Cunningham

40 Breakaway:        Jake Metheny

Ladies Breakaway:  Karen Little

Ribbons:  Roper:     Cody Schenkel

        Runner:      Jamie Schenkel

75 Tie Down:           VW Grable

70 Tie Down:           Robert Blandford

65 Tie Down:           Carl Cox

60 Tie Down:           Todd Parks

50 Tie Down:           James Tennyson

40 Tie Down:           Jake Metheny

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