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Delbert (Debo) McKenzie: Please be in prayer for Debo's family during this difficult time.

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Carl Cox:  Please be in prayer for Carl and Lisa Cox.  Carl had successful back surgery on Monday, April 29, 2024.  Carl will be out for a few months so be in prayer for Carl and Lisa the coming months.  Carl came out of surgery with a "smile and thumbs up"!  Carl and Lisa appreciates all of the calls, texts and prayers.  Please continue to pray for Carl's complete healing.

Haylee Reiley (Rex and Debbie Sandifer's granddaughter):  Update:  Haylee has been moved to a rehabilitation facility in south Austin and she is slowly improving.  The family appreciates all prayers.  Please continue to pray for Haylee's complete healing.

Delena Hunt:  Update:  Delena saw the surgeon on Monday, April 29, 2024 and she is healing well. Delena can slowly start adding firmer food to her diet.  She is still very weak from chemotherapy, but is trying very hard to build her strength back up. Delena stated it will be a while before she can compete but plans to come cheer everyone on as soon as she can.  Please continue to prayer for Delena's complete healing!

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